Smash Dash Episode 9

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Smash Dash Episode 9

Post by MKDS_PoKE on Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:03 pm

Check it out guys:

The Ninth instalment to the Smash Dash series is out! On our first week of updates since the Dojo's Holiday break, we've had some outstanding updates! Watch this weeks episode to hear Ian Kovich and 2nd Stamp go over them!
We hope you enjoy what we do best here at Smash Dash, recap updates! We hope you enjoy this episode as there was a lot of work put into it, there are no missing scenes in this episode!

This week, we've heard prophets from "The All Mighty Goat" on a GameSpot blog, some of us have believed his prophets whilst others have not, 2nd and myself were keen to know what other information he had, 2nd actually asked him for some information for the show itself, however, as this was approved to be fake, by him being caught out, and himself actually coming out and saying he was a fake, his scene will not be in episode IX and will be an Easter Egg, liars don't get a place in a proper Smash Dash episode, even if it is a lie we all would have wanted in the game itself. The Banner of the website itself has been updated as many of you have been complaining about myself not fixing a minor spelling mistake, which you should have known, when I updated the site I would have done it. But 2nd actually asked me to fix it, I wasn't going to until I had finished the Music Section, which will get an update later this week, but it is fixed now, so no more complaining about that.

The history page is in need of an update also, so please bare with me on that as it could take a little longer than anything else needed to be updated on the website itself... Enjoy the episode and check back later! Very Happy

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