Whobby 08 Updates Pt 3

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Whobby 08 Updates Pt 3

Post by MKDS_PoKE on Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:13 am

Part 1 of the Updates Thread can be found here:

Part 2:

Via Brawl Central, some isn't. They have people their at the Whobby 2008 event which has coverage on the event in Japan. They have a new playable version their.
I'm currently updating this still, keep a look out on this thread!

Also please remember to stay active on the site! We are planning a podcast, more competitive info, and more! Try to get your friends to join!

Update 11:
-4:00am Central: No more updates for now. Sleepy time.
-Link tried to FS an opponent who had a Starman and it failed. One time during Kirby's FS, Starmen were launched from the pot. The enemies used the Starmen and ended up KO'ing Kirby.
-Waddle Dees are better than turnips in terms of knockback and damage. Dedede's Suction spits out fast, but not very far and has low damage.
-Samus cannot missle cancel. Peach can float cancel.
-More reports of Dedede being very slow with fast atacks, but a conflicting report of his Waddle Dees being useful and spammable.
-More PT Impressions: Charizard's has multiple jumps and his Fly is powerful. He flies straight up and burns anything around him. His flamethrower is identical to Bowser's Fire Breath. Squirtle's Water Gun is chargable. Ivysaur is immobile while using Bullet Seed. PT's FInal Smash is very powerful.
-The PictoChat stage sometimes has impenetrable walls and can trap you on a side of the stage.
-DK's Final Smash used correctly can take up 90% of a stage. His FS was originally thought to be ineffective.

Update 10:
-Some people worry that the Smash Ball occurs too much.
-Rumors of Black Charizard. Some suggest a very dark Chrarizard that is near-black.
-PT Impressions: Squirtle has fast attacks, but no reach. Ivysaur is the more balanced of the Pokemon. Charizard is heavy, medium speed, and attacks using claws and tail mostly.
-Pokemon trainer's starting Pokemon is random. So far, it's unconfirmed if the starter can be selectable like Shiek was for Zelda in Melee.
-Dragoon does 42% damage. It KO'd Mario at 0%.
-Lots of Invincibility frames when switching Pokemon.
-Dedede's Suction is beastly because of it's force and strength.
-Ike is being called a noob killer. His Side Special charged can KO Kirby and Meta Knight at 35%. He is being called "too powerful".
-Meta Knight is a good beginner character.
-Ike Impressions: Eruption has a lot of range and can be used in the air. His Final Smash has more range if you "charge it up"?
-Ashley Deconfirmed! She appears in the WarioWare stage. So does 9-Volt and Jimmy.
-Kirby Impressions: Final Cutter has been changed once again. More confirmation of Kirby sucking up items.
-Attendee's Opinion: Pictochat music was bothering.
-Dedede Impressions: Attacks are fast, but hammer is sluggish. As stated before, his Up SPecial has good knockback, but is completely vertical, like Ike's.
-Pokemon Trainer Impressions: Takes about three seconds to change Pokemon. Colors: Red, Green, Blue, and Black & White (original GB version). PT's Pokemon do not have accessories like hats, glasses, ect.
-First reports of an attendee: He writes about Samus, but adds nothing new to what we already knew. You can't turn into ZSamus at the start of the match at all.
-Now that the event is over, expect lots of media, and some new info to be posted from attendees.
-We have the Stage Select Screen image posted on the homepage.

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