Whobby 2008 Updates Pt. 2

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Whobby 2008 Updates Pt. 2

Post by MKDS_PoKE on Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:47 pm

Part 1 of the Updates Thread can be found here:

Via Brawl Central, some isn't. They have people their at the Whobby 2008 event which has coverage on the event in Japan. They have a new playable version their.
I'm currently updating this still, keep a look out on this thread!

Also please remember to stay active on the site! We are planning a podcast, more competitive info, and more! Try to get your friends to join!
Update 9:
-Conflicting News: Apparently, a Nintendo rep has confirmed that Brawl is coming out on the 24th in Japan, however the Brawl pamphlets handed out show the price of the game, but no release date. (According to the Japanese blog, this seems to frighten him, but I doubt it means a thing.)
-Muddy Mole is an assist trophy. (Not Monty Mole) Muddy Mole is a character from "Mole Mania", a GB game that Sakurai adores.

Update 8:
-People are under the impression that Meta Knight is very good and Dedede is not. (This is only first impressions that are hours old and opinions, keep in mind)
-King Dedede has the same voice as his anime counterpart.
-70-80 minute wait to play a match.
-UPDATE: Female Pokemon Trainer news is confirmed FALSE.

Update 7:
-Onett impressions: Virtually no changes made.
-PictoChat impressions: Some are negative, some are "better than expected."
-PLAYABLE STAGES:Battlefield, Battleship Halbred, Norfair, Hyrule Temple, Onett, WarioWare, PictoChat, Bridge of Eldin, Delfino Plaza, Yoshi's Story, Smashville, Castle Seige, Pokemon Stadium 2, Skyworld, Lylat Cruise

Update 6:
-Dragoon was seen as an item. There are also a few new items such as a time bomb and spike bomb.
-Onett and PictoChat are playable stages.
-Classic Controller and Wiimote are available controller choices.

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