Whobby 2008 Updates

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Whobby 2008 Updates

Post by MKDS_PoKE on Sat Jan 12, 2008 7:35 pm

Via Brawl Central, some isn't. They have people their at the Whobby 2008 event which has coverage on the event in Japan. They have a new playable version their.

I'm currently updating this still, keep a look out on this thread!

Also please remember to stay active on the site! We are planning a podcast, more competitive info, and more! Try to get your friends to join!

Update 5:
-Meta Knight: No strong attacks. He's the kind of character that relies on multiple hits. FS is very strong and has a wide hitbox. Not much use for gliding. Taunt: Flaps his wings and does "warp" or some sort.
-Diddy Kong: He's very fast and can 'put hurt on you." He has combo attacks similar to meta.

Update 4:
-According to someone to who asked a Nintendo rep there: Brawl is confirmed to be released on the 24th. (Japan)
-Pokmon Trainer disappears on certain stages. He was not present on Delfino Plaza.
-New Pokemon: Shaymin

Update 3:
-UNCONFIRMED: Pokemon trainer's starting appearance is him running to a stop and taunting.
Roster Pic:

Update 2:
-Item Selection is ON. Smash Balls can be turned off.
-King Dedede has a pink costume.

Update 1:
-Dedede is a heavy, slow, powerful character. He has 4 mid-air jumps (5 total jumps). His Waddle Dee throwing attack is weak. His Up Special has good knockback.
-Dedede's starting appearance is the Waddle Dee Shrine seen on the Dojo.
-Pokemon Trainer and King Dedede Playable! They appear as "Dedede" and "P. Trainer"

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