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Incase you have read, the Rules of the forums are very important, and can decide if your banned or not from the community. Please READ THESE first.

1. For every forum you go to, read the rules and FAQ's before posting.
2. Frequently check for announcements.
3. User ranks do not mean anything

1. Flaming
-Flaming is serious, and you WILL get warned for flaming people. Weather is on the forums, or PM's, flaming is uneccsary. Anywhere else though, we do not care. The reason why flaming is so serious is because it can break into many fights, that means you and the other person, and possibly other people who get involved CAN get banned from the continous flaming.

2. Spamming
-Spamming can induce annoyance, making other people flame ,and well, it's pretty much just useless. Don't spam, please, or you'll get warned. Spamming is a serious problem, and if you spam to much in one thread, you will probably be banned. Also, if you make a thread JUST to spam, you will get warned twice, and your account will be suspended for a fe days.

3. Pornagraphy/Hentei
-Absolutely none, porn and hentei is an immediate ban if posted. This is a strict rule. If you want to go watch porn, go do it yourself. Don't share it with other people, that's just plain right nasty.

4. Personal Information
-Personal information is ok as long as you tell your other users, but only keep it to what state you live in. Don't say your city, town, or whatever. And DO NOT ask for where someone else lives on a post, thread, or whatever!

5. Administration PM's
-Don't ask to become part of the staff, that means a Moderator or Administrator, or whatever. I'll get pissed and also, staff is hand picked by me, so stop asking!

6. Do not spam PM members
-Members can report to moderators or admins by about PM Spams, but your also going to need to have proof. You can do this by click the Prnt Screen button to take a picture of what you see on the screen. Now please, don't do this. Do report to moderators and admins, please simply PM us about your problem.

7. Don't Abuse Smileys
-Don't do this, the maximum of smiley's in each post is 5! Instant warn for this

8. Avoiding Consequences
-Do not Avoid the Consequences of your old account by registering again. Trust me, we can see if you are using a new account! Instant ban!

9. Multiple Posting
-Do not double post twice in your thread, and bumping after you JUST made the topic. You can only double post ONCE in a thread. If you do it again, or post more times than twice, instant warn.


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