Olimir Special Moves

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Olimir Special Moves

Post by MKDS_PoKE on Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:48 pm

Today revealed Olimir's Special Moves:

Standard Special Move: Pikmin Pluck

Picks Pikmin from the ground for Olimir to get. You can have up to 6 Pikmin. To pick, their must be ground beneath. Their are 5 types of Pikmin in the game.

Red Pikmin

-High Attack Power
-Attacks imbued with incendiary properties
-Immune To Fire

Yellow Pikmin

-Range of attack slightly larger than usual; easy to hit enemies with
-Travel in slight arcs when thrown
-Attacks imbued with electrical properties

Blue Pikmin

-Strong when thrown
-Slightly more durable than average

Purple Pikmin

-Doesn’t fly far when thrown
-High attack power
-Slams into enemies instead of latching on when thrown

White Pikmin

-Quick and light
-When latched onto opponent, poison does additional damage

You can see what Pikmin attack next by seeing their order in the above picture.

Try not to let your pikmin die as you need them to assault the opponent.

Side Special Attack: Pikmin Throw!

Throw your Pikmin and they latch your opponent.

Up Special Attack: Pikmin Chain

When your falling down, use this to save yourself. The more pikmin, the longer the chain.

Down Special Move: Pikmin Order

You can call your Pikmin to you, and re-order your pikmin line.

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