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Post by ~ACE~ on Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:08 am

I know he usually gets a bad rap, but has anyone tried him this time? I have and actually came to like using him a lot now. So I guess I'll lay down my thoughts on him and let others go from there.

Obvious Pros:
-Heaviest lone character in the game
-Deals high damage with pretty much every attack
-Firebreath for edgeguarding

Not-so-obvous Pros:
-A-A and forward A attacks are fast and have nice knockback for what they are
-Suicide drop is the perfect revenge KO if done right (your score stays the same, they go down one)
-Firebreath for head-on sprinters (a lot of them with boswer)
-Great horizontal recovery if someone can send him that far

Cons(all pretty obvious, but that's why he's underestimated):
-Slow running
-Slow smash attack
-Horrible after-attack lag (fire, b-air, running A, down B)
-BAD vertical recovery
-Big target (especially for meteor smashes due to reason above)
-His "invincible" smash attack is just as slow, a bigger target, and doen't have much greater knockback most of the time

All this said, I think bowser is sorely underestimated in everything (especially attack speed) and that ignorance turns into an advantage for those who use him.


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