Items From Melee.

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Items From Melee.

Post by Bubbalova on Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:30 pm

Here is the list of the veteran items from Melee and there descrpitions.

Crate/Barrel - A large item that can carry one to four random items. May explode.

Capsule - A small item that carries one random item. May explode.

Party Ball - A medium sized item that carries random items, only Bomb-Ombs, or only Food. May explode.

Pokéball - When thrown, a random Pokémon appears.

Food - Various healing items that heal a minor amount of health.

Maximum Tomato - Healing item that heals 50% damage.

Heart Container - Healing item that heals 100% damage.

Super Mushroom - Makes you grow larger for a period of time.

Poison Mushroom - Makes you shrink for a period of time.

Warp Star - An Air Ride machine that when you use, you go into the air, then crashland, hurting anyone in the explosion.

Starman - Makes you invincible for a period of time.

Metal Box - Gives you a metal structure, including weight and density, for a period of time.

Bunny Hood - Makes you jump higher and faster for a period of time.

Beam Sword - A powerful weapon that doesn't run out of juice.

Homerun Bat - When smashed with, target is OHKO'ed.

Fan - Useless weapon when you don't know how to use it.

Lip's Stick - Very weak weapon that slows opponents. Slowing can be stacked 3 times over.

Star Rod - A long distance weapon that uses stars. When powerful character is the user, many stars come out at once.

Hammer - A powerful weapon that can give you a "vulnerable invincibility". Head of hammer may fall off.

Super scope - A powerful long ranged weapon that is chargible. Glitch causes unlimited ammo.

Ray Gun - Long range weapon that shoots a small laser.

Fire Flower - Shoots fire with limited use.

Bomb-Omb - A powerful explosive that causes 25% damage. Will start to walk around if left idle.

Freezie - Temporarily freezes enemy. Can be undone by fire.

Mr. Saturn - Walks around when idol. Can be picked up and thrown.

Koopa Shell - Can be thrown. Rebounds off of walls.

Screw Attack - Gives you the power of Screw Attack, Samus' Up Special.


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